Day One – 25.04.17

Dear diary,

We have arrived in Phuket today after a very long, and sleepless, 36 hours!

Stepping out of the airport, into the phuket air was a shock and a half! The humidity is unbelievable, my glasses steamed up as if I had opened an oven door! We were greeted by a man holding a sign with our name on, and privately driven to our hotel in a huge, air-conditioned car! Our driver did not speak much English but managed to give us some tips of places to visit! 

Upon arrival at the hotel we were told we were being upgraded to a bigger, and better room, as my birthday was two days before. The room is lovely, with two double beds, and a rather strange window between the bedroom and bathroom! 

Job number one was to hunt down the beach, which turned out to only be a 5 minute walk away! We took to the sea, jumping over waves and swimming in the green water. Upon deciding to leave the beach, the heavens opened and the biggest rain shower I have ever seen proceeded! Where others took shelter, we laughed and ran straight back to the sea. Of course all our belongings were absolutely drenched, but as quickly as the shower came over, it was gone again, leaving blue patches of sky! 

Walking back to the hotel we came across a spa, and decided to have a nice, relaxing Thai massage. Relaxation turned to confusion when the masseurs  mounted the beds we were on and began ‘kneading’ our muscles, stretching out our bodies and massaging our bottoms! The experience was certainly amazing, and after the massage our bodies felt light as air. Definitely enjoyable, but very unexpected! 

The last of the sun was enjoyed by the side of the pool with a pina colada to hand! 

In the evening we took a walk down to find the night markets, as suggested to us by our driver. All we found was a sign stating ‘no markets today’. On our walk back towards the hotel we stopped for some authentic Thai food! Yum! Β£6.50 equivalent for garlic fried rice, lemon iced tea and thai red curry!

Anyway, it’s now 10.07pm and I have not slept since I woke at 07.15 English time on 24.04.17. Good night. 



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