Day Ten – 04.05.17

Dear diary, 

This morning our alarm didn’t go off, so we didn’t get up until 9am-ish (a lie in for us!). We went to brekkie then came back to the room to plan our day. 

We set off around 12pm, heading to The Golden Temple. We walked to the metro station, and caught the train, costing only 30baht. At the other end we walked across the river and to the temple. 

Inside the temple we had to cover our knees and shoulders, and it was absolutely boiling! We weren’t allowed shoes, but the floor leading into the temple was burning hot due to the sun! 

After the temple, we walked to the bus stop and made our way to Wat Pho. We couldn’t work out how to pay for the bus, and it turned out the bus was free,  for some reason. There was no air-conditioning, but a nice breeze came in through the windows. 

At Wat Pho we walking around looking at all the temples. 

And saw the Reclining Buddha. 

We then went to find the bus stop to take us to the MBK shopping centre. Walking past The Grand Palace we encountered hundreds of Thai people wearing black. We assumed we must have come across a funeral for someone important. When we finally made it onto a bus, we got talking to a lady who told us that the funeral was for the late King who died 6 months ago. Apparently the Thai people have 1 year of mourning for the King, and we just happened to stumble across his funeral. 

The lady we got talking to aided us to find our connecting bus. She got off the bus with us and pushed us towards the right bus, which was coming up the road. Without her we probably would still be lost in the middle of bangkok! 

The shopping centre was huge, and the air conditioning was very much appreciated. We decided to have dinner here then head back to the hotel for an early night, due to an early start tomorrow. 

We got the river boat back to the hotel, which was great fun. We couldn’t work out where to get off, so a friendly local helped us out once again. 

Now we’re back at the hotel, and our adjoining neighbours are making an absolute racket. We knocked on the adjoining door twice, with no luck, do decided to play Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty to Me really loudly. This worked for a minute or two before they continued as they were previously. Not impressed! 

Tonight we may end up requesting a room change! Goodnight for now! 



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