Day Seven – 01.05.17

Dear diary, 

Today we didn’t really have any big plans. We had a bit of a lie in (9am compared to 6/8am) and went for breakfast. Then we returned to the room and lounged for a while. 

We decided to walk back to a Dinosaur Mini Golf place we had seen earlier in the week. In my head the walk didn’t seem too far, however in reality, in the burning heat, it felt like forever! 

The golf was great fun, however it was such a hot day that we were sweating buckets by the end! 

I actually somehow won! (as I’m normally very crap at mini golf). 

When we left they gave us some cold flannels to wipe ourselves with, which felt like the best thing in the world right then. 

After golf, we walked back to the hotel and had a quick, cold shower. We then headed to the pool, where we got talking to/playing ball with some guys from London. They invited us out to dinner and we accepted. 

The guys ordered tonnes of food, including a pizza for the table, multiple starters and a main each. We were all absolutely stuffed!

Walking back from the hotel, we saw the guys in action, bargaining with street vendors. They were amazing to watch, so much better than I have ever managed! They managed to get 4 items for 200baht which were meant to be 100baht each. 

Time for another early-ish night as white water rafting and ATV tomorrow! 



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