Day Nine – 03.05.17

Dear diary, 

Our water still wasn’t working this morning, so we had to get a cart over to the spa in order to have a shower. We then had to quickly finish packing, and get down to brekkie before checking out. We managed to get management to return one night’s worth of money for the issue with the water as well, which was a bonus. 

We were transported in a mini bus to the airport and once checked in we had a nap in the departure lounge. We got a drink from Burger King, little did we know they were humongous! (Mine was 32oz).

We were late boarding the plane, but eventually set off, Bangkok bound. 

We arrived to Bangkok, into the 36 degree heat! We were driven in a private car to out hotel, which is absolutely huge – it has 23 floors. 

We went for an explore around the hotel, then spent the afternoon at the outdoor, rooftop pool, sunbathing and dipping in and out of the water. 

We stayed in the burning heat for a few hours, until the sunset, then came up for showers, ready to go out for dinner. 

At 8.50pm we went in search of food. We started walking down the road, and it became apparent we weren’t going to come across any restaurants any time soon. We decided to cross the road, and go into the tesco express garage on the other side. Slight problem; the traffic in Bangkok is mental! I will be very surprised if I make it out alive! 

We managed to cross the road, finally, and bought some food for dinner. We returned to our hotel room and ate, whilst deciding what we would do for the next two days. 




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