Day Eleven – 05.05.17

Dear diary, 

This morning we woke up to thunderstorms and extremely heavy rain. The three hour bike ride around Bangkok we had booked was seeming less and less appealing. By the time we had reached China Town, the rain was finally settling, and it was pleasantly cooler than yesterday. 

We had two lovely tour guides, called Nanny and Tammy. We first went to a Chinese Temple, and learnt about how Chinese and Thai Buddhism differ. 

We continued through China Town, enjoying the sights.

And went through several markets, including a meat/fish market and a flower market. The meat market absolutely stank! 

We then went to another temple, where we were each given a lotus flower to open. 

We offered this flower to the Buddha inside the temple. 

We stopped for a drink and some snacks, for free, at a little back alley shop. After the tour we went in search of the bus stop, but came across a massage parlour, so decided to each have a massage. Waiting for the bus afterwards, we were informed by two different people that the bus was very unreliable and we would have a long wait, so begrudgingly we walked back and got the metro home. 

We spent the afternoon enjoying our last night in the pool. 

We went in search of dinner, and decided to eat in a Chinese restaurant, in which we were the only westerners. The waitress said the curry I ordered was really spicy, but when it arrived it wasn’t at all. It was, however, absolutely full on bones from the catfish. Unfortunately a disappointing last meal. 

Flying home tomorrow! 




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