Day Eight – 02.05.17

Dear diary,

Today we went on a day trip to go white water rafting, to monkey cave, to see a waterfall and go on ATVs. 

We were the second to be picked up, joining two Aussies, called James and Carl, on the bus. We got talking straight away, and decided we would all share a raft. After driving for around an hour and a half, we stopped and got out to see the wild monkeys at monkey cave. Once again these monkeys were really gentle, until James tried to touch one from behind and it went mental. 

At monkey cave we got talking to a German guy, called Finn, who spoke really good English. We got back in the van for another half an hour, until we arrived at the ‘waterfall’. We were allowed 15 minutes here to attempt to complete the 2km trek round. The waterfall was tiny, but we did manage to get our first group selfie. 

We then got back in the van and continued for another half hour, eventually ending up a whole length of phuket into Phang Nga, when we were under the impression we would be staying with phuket itself, not entering the mainland of Thailand! 

(We were staying beneath the writing which says phuket).

The white water rafting was most definitely the most exciting and fun part of the day. Unfortunately we were only allowed 4 to a raft, so Finn couldn’t join us. As we were going along, James almost fell out the raft at least 5 times, meaning I had to pull him back into the boat. 

After rafting we had some lunch, and then the Aussies went to do a zip line and the three of us went to ride some ATVs. 

The ATVs were awful! They were falling apart, and kept cutting out. The terrain was awful, and we ended up having to go two per bike! We felt so uncomfortable, and were annoyed at having to keep stop-starting so we overtook the leaders bike and drove back to the start, deciding to end our time early. Finn agreed that the bikes were an absolute flop. 

On the way back to Phuket, we all decided to to for a night out at Patong Beach on Bangla Road, as the guys assured us we couldn’t leave phuket without going. When we arrived back to the hotel room, however, we had no running water so had to use showers out in the fitness centre. 

Running late, we had no time to grab dinner, so we took to finding a taxi/tuk tuk to get us to Bangla Road. 

We managed to find the guys and walked up and down the strip looking for a bar. We were pestered by hundreds of people asking us to go into this bar, or this ping pong show, it was absolute carnage but magnificent to see. 

We grabbed a drink at the Aussie Bar, and talked the guys into taking us to see a ping pong show. The entrance was free, however once inside you had to pay 500baht per person for a drink, which was nonegotiable. We pretended to look through the menu, whilst slyly watching the stage until the woman realised and kicked us out. There is in no way anything sexy about the shows, but it was fascinating and I’m definitely glad we went. 

After stopping for a couple more drinks, we headed to The White Room Nightclub, where we were able to dance. 

After quite a while, we lost the guys, but decided it was probably time to head home as it was after midnight, nearing 1am, and we were being picked up for our airport transfer at 7.20am.

Arriving back at  the hotel, we still had no running water. We got into bed, with the best case scenario of 3 hours sleep and hoped for running water in the morning. 

Bye for now. 


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