Day Two – 26.04.17

Dear diary, 

Second day in Phuket today! This morning we went for a lovely, and very eclectic, breakfast. 

We then met a travel rep and booked two boat tours – James Bond Island tomorrow and Phi Phi Islands Sunday! 

Following this, we walked down the main road in search of a means to get to Phuket Town. We travelled my tuk tuk. 

We were dropped at monkey hill, where after looking for over an hour, we were greeted by 20 some live, wild monkeys. We fed them bananas and monkey nuts. The monkeys were incredibly gentle and ridiculously cute! 

We then strolled around Phuket Town for a few hours, and came across a temple. 

We returned to Karon for a wonderful meal, I had panang and Thai lemon iced tea which cost only 140 baht! 

We then ended our day out by having a ‘fried ice cream’ with oreos in! 

So after a long day, walking a grand total of 9.98 miles, its time to relax and get an early night. 

Bye for now. 



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