Day Six – 30.04.17

Dear diary, 

Today we went on our second boat trip to the Phi Phi Islands. As we sat right at the front last time, we made sure to rush ahead and get the best seats again. 

Our first stop was Maya Bay where ‘The Beach’ was filmed. It was beautiful, but there were so many tourists; they looked like ants on the shore. Someone described it to us as ‘the Benidorm of Thailand’. 

We went to the viewing point, which overlooked the sea, and was much less crowded! There were huts left in the forest areas left from the filming of the film, with tons of props. 

Next we went to Phi Phi Ley Lagoon which was 25m deep in the middle. Here we were able to jump/dive off the boat into the clear sea. 

We then went sight seeing at viking cave and monkey beach. Due to the high tide there was no beach to see, but there were plenty of monkeys sitting in the trees. 

We then went for snorkeling, where there were tiger fish everywhere, and a little deeper you could see some different types of fish. 

(photos to come – on Underwater camera at present) 

We then went to Phi Phi Don for lunch, which was pretty good! 

Finally we went to a final beach/snorkeling spot. The sea was crystal clear and the sand like soft light brown sugar! There wasn’t much to see snorkeling, except for some questionable sea slugs. 

We then hopped back on board and raced back to the marina. We had a chilled evening, went out for some food and an early night. 



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