Day Five – 29.04.17

Dear diary, 

Today, after breakfast, we decided it would be a great idea to walk to Kata Noi Beach, as Google maps stated it would only be a 30 minute walk. Two hours later we arrived, after getting caught in a massive downpour! 

The beach was absolutely beautiful, crystal clear water and white sands. 

We decided to get a taxi home rather than walk for another 2 hours, but initially did not want to pay the 200baht we were offered. The taxi drove off, and further down the road we came across him again, after failing to get a cheaper price, so we climbed in and went home. 

This evening we went up to see Big Buddha at sunset. It was so peaceful at the top, and the sunset made it look magnificent. 

Walking back towards the tuk tuk that brought us up (and waited an hour for us for only 1000baht) we saw some wild monkeys eating coconuts from the bin. 

When we got back into the tuk tuk, I felt my phone fall from my pocket as the driver started pulling away. I searched for it but could not see it, so had to knock on the window to get him to stop. I ran back up the hill and my phone was no where to be seen. Luckily the tuk tuk driver was able to pull forward the seat, and my phone had slid underneath! Running in that heat was unbearable! 

We decided to have pizza for tea, which was only 135baht for 1.5 small pizzas. Delicious. 

Early start tomorrow, as a boat trip to Phi Phi. 




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