Day Three – 27.04.17

Dear diary, 

Today we had an early start in order to go on our first boat trip. Breakfast was, somehow, even crazier today!

After waiting for ages for the bus, it finally turned up, and took us across to the Royal Phuket Marina, where we hopped on a speed boat and began our tour. 

We stopped for canoeing, walked around James Bond Island and went to a gypsy sea village. Canoeing was great, we had our own canoe with a Thai driver, who pointed out lots of things we would have otherwise missed. 

James Bond Island was lovely, and we got to go for a paddle in the very green water! 

The gypsy sea village was fascinating. The entire village was built on top of the water. Apparently there are approximately 3,000 people living on the village, making up 300 families. We had lunch here, which was delicious! 

We then took back to the boat and were taken by canoe through some very small caves! We had to lie down in order to fit through the caves! 

The caves allowed us to enter a secret lagoon, which was beautiful. There were mud skippers and crabs on the trees. 

Finally, we went to a little beach, where we had an hour to relax and do as we pleased. We went for a swim in the sea, then decided to have a lie down on the boat to end the tiring day. 

Back at the hotel, an early night is most definitely in order as we are up early for the elephant sanctuary tomorrow! 




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